Friday, 31 January 2014

Failure is an opportunity for Success

       The man is rising. Commended by those around him, he takes in as much success as he can. Now well established, the man has adapted to being appreciated if not anything else.
       Cue,the game changer:Luck. Everything changes overnight;from rags to riches, from zeniths of glory to pitfalls of despair, the man appears to be in a vicious downward spiral, seemingly unending. It is indeed at times like this when a man's conviction is truly tested. Someone, whom I know not, had once said :- A measure of a man's success is not how he climbs, but rather how hard he bounces back on falling. Failure, i believe, awakens in a man a burning desire to prove to his peers that he still has what it takes. It gives the person a chance to make amends on his way to success. Failure opens up a whole new perspective towards life. Some of the most eminent personalities reached the peaks of their respective careers after having undergone tremendous lows. A few notable individuals include Madhu Dasa Pandit, the founder of 'Akshaya Patra', who came close to committing suicide, Thomas Alva Edison, who failed innumerable times while trying to invent the electric bulbs as well as the honorable Jamshetji Tata, the industrialist who went bankrupt not one, not twice but thrice! What we ought to learn from these examples is that however dark a tunnel may seem, there is always light at its end. The trick is to remain undeterred by the darkness and reach for the light.
        It is of utmost importance to have a conviction that no path is too bumpy, no sea is too stormy, no storm is too violent if we look at it from an optimistic perspective; And whether we choose to accept it or not, failures remain an integral part of our lives for it is the failures that inspire us to give it our best shot, to push ourselves to the limit and it is failure that moulds a part of our character that we do not even know exists. It is a new, bright morning that follows the darkest hour.

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