Monday, 13 January 2014

Future Career

          At the age of 15, you have to decide what you want to become. Or at least what stream you want to go to. What if you want to change to the decision you made at 15 ? 15 years may seem like a long time to decide, but is not. Should I go in Medical ? Or perhaps Commerce ? Maybe Engineering ? Sometimes, people instinctively know what they are good at. But most of the times... people wonder.... I am good at this...but I am also good at this..It consumes the mind and haves ill-effects on the child's mind. A inferiority complex develops. Others have already chosen. Why can't I ? They have laid a definite path for their future. Why can't I ? Another reason for this confusion is pressure from other people. Legacy from parents, expectations from relatives and friendship from friends. Some people don't like to live up to expectations. They believe that "Right Now" is just a phase to pass through.
            These decisions of career and life should be prolonged till at least 18 years old, when he is no longer a child but an independent adult. So later in life, the concerned person can forgo the question, " I have a Medical degree, But I feel I would have done better in Commerce." Or any other field concerned.

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