Friday, 25 October 2013

View Counter-view - Children Should not be burdened with homework

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             Nowadays, children are sent to classes and tuitions from the tender age of 11 years. It might be necessary for some. But because of this, there is burden of homework that the child carries. Children so young have stress problems. They can't keep up with this and get depressed. After learning something in school and revising it in class, homework from both the places is given. This is brutal. More than necessary. They need practice. Agreed. But this much ? They get confused with their priorities.

Counter - view :
             Children have become lazy and do not study. After doing homework they consider that their studies are over. But is that true ? If such is the case, Lots of homework should be given so that that particular individual gets practice. After solving math problems in school and classes, no body bothers to repeat them. Hence, homework is an effective way to give the children practice.


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