Friday, 7 February 2014

Report - Food Mela

                               Rainbow-licious Food !
By a Student Reporter-
PTVEM, Dec. 17 : A Food Fiesta was organized on the PTVEM ground on 15th December. The students of Grade 9 participated. The catch was the food had to be related to Rainbows !
   A lot of different, Delicious but nutritious and home-made food-stuffs were seen. ' The Crock Of Gold' stall  adopted the idea of the legend of the crock of gold at the end of the Rainbow. There were gold coins made of chocolate being sold. There were rainbow-colored cakes and some awesome fruit punches and smoothies being sold. The 'Leprechauns' have foodstuffs that was minuscule. Mini-Burger, Mini-smoothies complete with a Mini-umbrella !
   There were around 25 stalls. The best decorated stall went to 'VIBGYOR'. They had many shiny rainbow cut-outs stuck all aver the place.Seven lengths of cloth of different rainbow colors were spread from top to bottom. At the foot of these cloths there were cricks of cold spewing with Gold Confetti and gold coins.The most profitable stall went to the ' Leprechauns'. Apparently, the customers are fascinated by minuscule foodstuffs.
   The food Fiesta ended at eight in the evening. Ten thousand rupees were raised for charity. A box to donate money was kept at the entrance and exit. Another two thousand rupees were raised by this for charity. This money will go to the National Institute for the Blind.
   All in all, It was a wonderful Food Fiesta !

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