Saturday, 21 September 2013

Change we need

Change is in the very nature of being. Change is Inevitable. Sooner or later it will occur. Change brings evolution to the way of thinking of man. Change is not always for the good but it can always be used in our advantage. Nothing is perfect. Not our society, government, anything for that matter....! There is always a flaw that needs to be corrected. 
Many things need to change in order to be better.
A change we all need is the change of way of thinking. Life has become a race and nobody believes or trusts or puts good faith in anyone. Most of the people have become selfish. Nobody thinks about helping a handicappable man to cross the street. Everybody has their own problems and they prefer to be in them rather to help other people solve their problems. This attitude of people needs to change. This change is for the good of man kind.
Our nation has many virtues.  But do we look at the vices and other problems ...? We are no. 1 in many good aspects. But we are no.1 in many bad aspects too. We are no.1 in tobacco consumption. No.1 in diseases. No.1 Diabetes patient. No.1 corrupt nation. This all has to change.

We all should be making an effort to accomplish this change, Strive for the better....

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