Monday, 10 February 2014

Computers have replaced Man

Computer are a boon to mankind. They do all the hard work while we lounge in the sunshine. They calculate answers in seconds which takes us minutes or hours even. Through computers, we can send e-mails, pictures,etc instantly. You don't have to wait for days for a message to reach it's destination. We can talk with our relatives who live far away through computers. We can video call them. The can actually be present at a function without travelling thousands of miles. Computerization has saved so much paper ! Documents don't necessarily have to be on a hard copy. Information of Ten thousands of paper can be stored on a single Pen drive. Information on any subject can be obtained with the click of a mouse. It is the wish-fulfilling tree of knowledge.
Computers have many disadvantages. There is unemployment because of computers. There is no need of a post man since e-mail was invented. Post men have lost their jobs which was a source of income for the whole family. Information stored on the computer can be destroyed with a single virus. Moreover, it can be hacked by strangers and used. What is the use of learning Mathematics if you are going to use a calculator...? What is the use of teachers if you can get the same information off the Internet ?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Farewell speech for Xth std

 My dear friends,
  Today, we enjoy our last day of school. More than half of our life has been spent within these walls. Today we say 'Goodbye' to it. But fear not, mon amis, Because Goodbye is not forever. Goodbyes are inevitable. Goodbye isn't the end. Its just a way of saying "I'll miss you till we meet again." And meet again we will.
  When we used to get up, we knew what we had to do. Go to school. But now that school has ended that routine will get disrupted. I haven't quite imagined life without going to school. In vacations, you like the fact that you don't have to go to school at first but at the end of the vacation you are eager to go back to school. Imagine a vacation, that will last forever. Can you stay away from school then ? If we don't come to school, how will we tease our friends or bunk periods or roam in the corridors ?
   10 years ago, my parents admitted me in this school, expecting me to come out with a bundle of certificates, learn good manners, make life-long friends and be a good citizen. So did yours. Because of the wonderful teachers we have got good manners and I am sure everyone will be good citizens. We have made life-long friends and we all are at least going to have a passing certificate. Other than that the school has given us ample of opportunities to get certificates.
   Even though we promise that we will keep in touch, sometimes we can't. People drift apart. Friendships are lost. But what's lost can be found. All you need is the perfect memory. So make the best use of this time and make tonnes of memories to remember these good times by.
   But today, we must say Goodbye to this school. Not only a good bye but also a Thank you. A Thank you for all it has taught us may it be discipline, studies, manners, humility,etc Thank you.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Travel Broadens the Mind

   Travelling is not merely going from one place to another and back. It is the journey and observations that matter.
   A country always thinks the other country as a blood-thirsty, war waging Spartans because of stories from ancestors. But unless you go to that country, how will you know the sameness of the two countries and chip off the baggage left by you ancestors ?
   During travel you will see things beyond you imagination. Right now, your world as students is school. But if you go out and explore the world, your world will be a tiny speck of mud in the whole bog or marsh. A needle in a haystack.
   In school, there is competition to be friends with the most popular kids. In the outside world, that doesn't matter. As you travel, you will make many friends and colleagues. You will see hundreds of the 'Popular kids' go by.
   Travel changes your perspective of the world. Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand travelled the whole length of India. They had come for a reason to India but as they travelled they found another thousand reasons to stay.
   Travel broadens your perspective and mind. It helps you to think outside of your safe little bubble of a world. But to do this you must travel and take the initiative. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.
  Why do you go away ? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently too. Coming back to where you started is not the same thing as never leaving.

Report - Food Mela

                               Rainbow-licious Food !
By a Student Reporter-
PTVEM, Dec. 17 : A Food Fiesta was organized on the PTVEM ground on 15th December. The students of Grade 9 participated. The catch was the food had to be related to Rainbows !
   A lot of different, Delicious but nutritious and home-made food-stuffs were seen. ' The Crock Of Gold' stall  adopted the idea of the legend of the crock of gold at the end of the Rainbow. There were gold coins made of chocolate being sold. There were rainbow-colored cakes and some awesome fruit punches and smoothies being sold. The 'Leprechauns' have foodstuffs that was minuscule. Mini-Burger, Mini-smoothies complete with a Mini-umbrella !
   There were around 25 stalls. The best decorated stall went to 'VIBGYOR'. They had many shiny rainbow cut-outs stuck all aver the place.Seven lengths of cloth of different rainbow colors were spread from top to bottom. At the foot of these cloths there were cricks of cold spewing with Gold Confetti and gold coins.The most profitable stall went to the ' Leprechauns'. Apparently, the customers are fascinated by minuscule foodstuffs.
   The food Fiesta ended at eight in the evening. Ten thousand rupees were raised for charity. A box to donate money was kept at the entrance and exit. Another two thousand rupees were raised by this for charity. This money will go to the National Institute for the Blind.
   All in all, It was a wonderful Food Fiesta !