Friday, 31 January 2014

Failure is an opportunity for Success

       The man is rising. Commended by those around him, he takes in as much success as he can. Now well established, the man has adapted to being appreciated if not anything else.
       Cue,the game changer:Luck. Everything changes overnight;from rags to riches, from zeniths of glory to pitfalls of despair, the man appears to be in a vicious downward spiral, seemingly unending. It is indeed at times like this when a man's conviction is truly tested. Someone, whom I know not, had once said :- A measure of a man's success is not how he climbs, but rather how hard he bounces back on falling. Failure, i believe, awakens in a man a burning desire to prove to his peers that he still has what it takes. It gives the person a chance to make amends on his way to success. Failure opens up a whole new perspective towards life. Some of the most eminent personalities reached the peaks of their respective careers after having undergone tremendous lows. A few notable individuals include Madhu Dasa Pandit, the founder of 'Akshaya Patra', who came close to committing suicide, Thomas Alva Edison, who failed innumerable times while trying to invent the electric bulbs as well as the honorable Jamshetji Tata, the industrialist who went bankrupt not one, not twice but thrice! What we ought to learn from these examples is that however dark a tunnel may seem, there is always light at its end. The trick is to remain undeterred by the darkness and reach for the light.
        It is of utmost importance to have a conviction that no path is too bumpy, no sea is too stormy, no storm is too violent if we look at it from an optimistic perspective; And whether we choose to accept it or not, failures remain an integral part of our lives for it is the failures that inspire us to give it our best shot, to push ourselves to the limit and it is failure that moulds a part of our character that we do not even know exists. It is a new, bright morning that follows the darkest hour.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Perks and cons of Friendship

Sometimes, in life, there are really bonds formed that can never be broken.You find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. You may find it in a spouse or parent but there is also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, one person who knows you sometimes better than yourself, is the same person who's been standing beside you all along.
In school or college, you say you are friends forever. But do you really mean that ? Will you always there for the other person whenever he or she is in need of help ? 
If you find a person who will always stand by you, who will have no judgement in their eyes when they look at you, who will correct you when you are wrong, who knows you better than yourself then you can call that person a friend. A friend is someone who you trust your life with. You can't just call someone a friend over a day's acquaintance. Because trust cannot be handed over, It has to be earned. You should not make a friend of a person who walks behind you. You may not lead. You should not make a friend of a person who walks a head of you. You may not follow. Make a friend of a person who will walk beside you.
Having a false friend, is dangerous but not fatally so. When you lose them it doesn't hurt as much. They stab you in the back. You don't know when it's coming. Maybe that's why it becomes easy. An insincere and evil friend is more feared than a wild beast. A wild beast may wound your body, but and evil friend will wound your mind. But having a true friend can also be harmful. When you lose them, it hurts the most. The wound takes more time to heal. They stab you in the front. Leave you alone in the universe. But not intentionally.
Abraham Lincoln once said, " Am I not destroying my enemies by making friends of them ? " So true are his words. Helen Keller said, " It is better to walk with a friend in the dark, than to walk alone in the light. " Friendship is valued. It cannot be bought. It has to be earned. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, More intelligently !!!

   Every animal that the earth is home to, is prone to making mistakes. God is yet to create a being that would commit no errors. A bird can sit on the wrong branch, a lion can misjudge it's prey's speed and a fish can lay eggs at the wrong location. Man does not stand as an exception to this rule. He can commit an array of mistakes which would inevitably result in failure;a failure that can  dishearten, depress and demoralize.
However, God has gifted man with the ability to think on, recognize and correct his mistakes much faster and accurately than other species.
   Failure is a stepping stone to success. One should not consider failure to be the end of the world for this could deter the individual from hard work. Since optimism and hope pave the path to success, one should never befriend pessimism and kill hope by embracing failure and considering it to be the end of the road. However, if he thinks before giving up and fights on with the pranks of anger, disappointment and defeat that his mind plays on him, he is certain to find himself on a red herring and get him back to where he had started from. Failure should be accepted with the highest sportsman spirit that one can muster and should be welcomed as an opportunity to retrace your mistaken steps and get back to the right path. Failure, hence, should be perceived as an opportunity to atone for your wrong-doings and alter your mistakes.
   However, during the process of atonement, you cannot afford to forget your failure and your mistakes. Make your dreaded mistakes your beloved teachers and you will definitely attain your goals. Mistakes are meant for you to learn from, not to regret for. Hence when you begin with a new attempt to attain success and make a new start to make good the opportunity failure has bestowed upon you, do so wisely and intelligently.
   Highly successful people are those who treat failure as not more than a temporary situation!!!!!      

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Idea of Success

   So true are the words - success is not just about being and becoming. The idea of success is often mistaken for success is not just about what one attained but also about how he attained it. It is always the journey that matters and the path that inspires and a very large obstacle in your path is not a towering mountain but an even deeper trench. In this trench only criticism reverberates. They insult you. They make allegations ridden with falsehood. Here, you are surrounded only by the darkness of your own regret for having even started this journey. At this crucial juncture, you are quite likely to beat the retreat and all you could have been remains just an unfulfilled dream - a destiny forever lost.

   However, to succeed, it is such tedious trails, you have to take and walk out of the doom to see the day.
In this trench, your might lies in your will-power and power to endure...

   It does not make you wise to flee from those you fear, but to fight them not with haste and anger but with patience and persistence. With your actions you ought to crush every allegation. And with your actions only, you have to prove yourself!

   It is certain that the words they fling at you and the tries they make to pull you down would inflict immense pain and torture. It is certain that they will invoke anger and hatred. But it is upon you whether to retaliate hastily or give up, or to patiently continue your efforts to stand up to your aims and ends. It matters not whether you sit and sob for a brick they threw at you. It matters not even whether you pick up the brick and throw it back at them. What matters is whether you catch the brick, put it on the ground and start building banisters to get out of the trench!   

Poem - Poverty

What a notorious idea - Truth!
What a devastating fact - Truth!
Is it just the devil's imagination,
Or a part of an evolution?
An evolution, that has been,
as we all have seen -

Poverty is that fact,
With which they have signed a pact,
And have embraced it as a mandate
That has been put down upon them by fate.
This imposition appears to be, as we all can see -

It is an epidemic for humanity
Ending it overnight, much beyond it's ability.
It aches me to say so,
for the poor ain't be my foe.
Then why should they have to lead,
a life with no memories to keep?
While I rejoice, my happiness -

Why for them a silent cry,
a muffled tear, a hopeless sigh?
Why for them a sleepless night,
Why not a single ray that bright
To make them hope they'd win the fight.
A fight that has ruined what they could've been
A fight so eternal.

If God is just,
I demand he must
End their misery,
The mockery their lives have been.
Let prosperity prevail
And the happiness ale
Reign for an eternity

Let the ecstasy that life is be unveiled... 

Friday, 24 January 2014


Hello, Readers.
We have to new authors - Advait Maduskar And Arnav Deshpande. That is along with me. I am hoping for yet another author to join us.
Siddhi Dhingra,

Poem - To My National Flag

You stand tall and proud,
Saffron for Sacrifice,
White for Science and Peace,
Green for the Farmers and Prosperity,
And for that I salute Thee.

No combination
Of twenty-six letters,
Can describe the admiration
Held by my fellow men for the country,
And it is only because of Thee
And for that I salute Thee.

On Independence and Republic Day
When You are unfurled,
You look as regal as the stories say,
Courage and pride wells up in me,
And for that, O National Flag, I salute Thee.

For the Republic Day

Thou be the epitome of power I seek
Why just me,all-whether mighty or meek
Thou be the light to lift us from the dark
The gloom ignorance bestows.

Thou be the emblem that defines me
I pledge my loyalty as I surrender to Thee
Thou be my solitary master
Hail Thee for an eternity!

We all have trudged through tyranny
And have staunchly fought misery
To establish higher and higher than ever
Thy exalted and commanding glory.

I promise Thee, I shall further toil
To ward off every imbecile
Poverty, Ignorance, Hunger and Grief
That desires to bring you to turmoil.

Time doth play merciless tricks
Those tiring, dirty, callous gimmicks
To rise above them is my test
I shall not flee, I'll try my best.

My Flag, I salute Thee on Republic Day
May Thy spectre ever expand its sway
Down with those who intend to harm
And pull Thee back to the realm of the Dark.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Many hands make light work

Many hands make light work is true in many facets of our lives. It is always easier to finish a job when several people pitch in to get it done. It is the concept of teamwork. Most companies boast of how teamwork is the backbone of the company. That is because they have figured out that when you have “many hands” in the job it makes for a much lighter workload for everyone.
You can see this come to light when you try to lift something heavy. If you try to lift it on your own, it isn’t just hard to do, it can cause you a great deal of injury. If you get more people involved in the process, the item becomes far less heavy to the one person who tried to lift it before. The more people involved in lifting the heavy object, the lighter it becomes until it could hardly be called hard work at all.

You can do work by yourself. You may even make some progress. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be easier if you had more people involved in it. There are those people that think working alone is much better. They feel that others get in the way and hold them up from anything being accomplished. That is only true if one of the team members is being lazy. If everyone works together, great things can get done in an amazingly short amount of time.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Future Career

          At the age of 15, you have to decide what you want to become. Or at least what stream you want to go to. What if you want to change to the decision you made at 15 ? 15 years may seem like a long time to decide, but is not. Should I go in Medical ? Or perhaps Commerce ? Maybe Engineering ? Sometimes, people instinctively know what they are good at. But most of the times... people wonder.... I am good at this...but I am also good at this..It consumes the mind and haves ill-effects on the child's mind. A inferiority complex develops. Others have already chosen. Why can't I ? They have laid a definite path for their future. Why can't I ? Another reason for this confusion is pressure from other people. Legacy from parents, expectations from relatives and friendship from friends. Some people don't like to live up to expectations. They believe that "Right Now" is just a phase to pass through.
            These decisions of career and life should be prolonged till at least 18 years old, when he is no longer a child but an independent adult. So later in life, the concerned person can forgo the question, " I have a Medical degree, But I feel I would have done better in Commerce." Or any other field concerned.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Counter view - Modern Gadgets have simplified our lives

                                                          Electronics - Our Fatal Flaw
Electronics have many advantages but as many disadvantages. Electronic are not reliable. One small malfunction and you have to buy a whole new machine. When you go to a online store to buy something, we can't check if the product we are buying is what they say it is. We just have to believe what the manufacturers tell us. With online shopping there is much use of credit and debit cards. This leads to many problems as hackers can access our account and steal what they want. Ever heard of the washing machine and dryer ? Once a long time ago people used to have a job of washing clothes and drying them. Ever heard of the postman ? He used to deliver letters. It was a job. It would support his family. Now all you have to do is send a message on Whatsapp and its free ! The post men have lost their job. A rise in use of technology has given rise to unemployment.New types of mobile phones have launched. It has become a need to have the latest model of the mobile phone. Hence there is a rise in private expenditure which has led to inflation. Electronics may be a boon but it is also our condemnation.