Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, More intelligently !!!

   Every animal that the earth is home to, is prone to making mistakes. God is yet to create a being that would commit no errors. A bird can sit on the wrong branch, a lion can misjudge it's prey's speed and a fish can lay eggs at the wrong location. Man does not stand as an exception to this rule. He can commit an array of mistakes which would inevitably result in failure;a failure that can  dishearten, depress and demoralize.
However, God has gifted man with the ability to think on, recognize and correct his mistakes much faster and accurately than other species.
   Failure is a stepping stone to success. One should not consider failure to be the end of the world for this could deter the individual from hard work. Since optimism and hope pave the path to success, one should never befriend pessimism and kill hope by embracing failure and considering it to be the end of the road. However, if he thinks before giving up and fights on with the pranks of anger, disappointment and defeat that his mind plays on him, he is certain to find himself on a red herring and get him back to where he had started from. Failure should be accepted with the highest sportsman spirit that one can muster and should be welcomed as an opportunity to retrace your mistaken steps and get back to the right path. Failure, hence, should be perceived as an opportunity to atone for your wrong-doings and alter your mistakes.
   However, during the process of atonement, you cannot afford to forget your failure and your mistakes. Make your dreaded mistakes your beloved teachers and you will definitely attain your goals. Mistakes are meant for you to learn from, not to regret for. Hence when you begin with a new attempt to attain success and make a new start to make good the opportunity failure has bestowed upon you, do so wisely and intelligently.
   Highly successful people are those who treat failure as not more than a temporary situation!!!!!      

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