Friday, 25 October 2013

View Counter-view - Children Should not be burdened with homework

View :
             Nowadays, children are sent to classes and tuitions from the tender age of 11 years. It might be necessary for some. But because of this, there is burden of homework that the child carries. Children so young have stress problems. They can't keep up with this and get depressed. After learning something in school and revising it in class, homework from both the places is given. This is brutal. More than necessary. They need practice. Agreed. But this much ? They get confused with their priorities.

Counter - view :
             Children have become lazy and do not study. After doing homework they consider that their studies are over. But is that true ? If such is the case, Lots of homework should be given so that that particular individual gets practice. After solving math problems in school and classes, no body bothers to repeat them. Hence, homework is an effective way to give the children practice.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Book Review : Koleshwar's Secret

             This book in contrast to Anirudh's Dream is much much better. The story of Irfan's life continues and concludes with Irfan's dream. Anirudh wakes up from a coma of 13 days and is in functioning state in less than week. Anirudh confides to his mother about his dream. After proving of his uncanny knowledge of historical monuments whose foundations don't even exist now, his mother dreads that the dream is true. Yet she is not thoroughly convinced. Anirudh then confides into his best friend Vikram. They set out to find proof throughout Mumbai. they are kidnapped by Mario's and Ajit's descendants when they are on the verge of finding out the truth. The kidnappers take them back to the Koleshwar plateau and a incident unfolds in front of them. After a month, Anirudh calls Vikram to the plateau again and tells him the whole story. The book ends with Vikram having a astonishing discovery and him giving Anirudh some useful and enlightening advice.
             There are a few lengthy descriptions but not as many as in Anirudh's dream. It really is a page turner. I enjoyed this book much more than its prequel. The cons can be Anirudh always explaining to Vikram about the situations. He is the one mainly doing the talking. At the start of the book Anirudh is explaining the dream to Vikram and in the end he is narrating the story he learnt from a parchment in a secret safe. In the end, when Vikram makes his discovery it becomes very predictable.
              All in all, this book is interesting. It could have been combined with the first book if the lengthy descriptions were removed. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Book Review : Sahyadri

          Sahyadri is a book written by Deepak Dalal. The protagonists in the book are Anirudh, later also known as Irfan, And Rustom. The story is set in the cities of Pune and Mumbai, which was earlier known as Bombay, and in the mountains and plateaus of Sahyadris.
          The book begins with Anirudh and his friends being in the NDA academy for the Annual Sailing competition. His father, not considering Anirudh's fear of the water, has enrolled him in the competition. After some pages of this non-essential text, the group of friends decide to go to the Fort of Torna on a trek. Salim, the man-servant of the Dongre's acts as a guide since he was brought up in those hilly regions of Sahyadri. After an unexpected fist-fight with some thugs who were apparently after Salim, Anirudh leads the group to safety showing uncommon knowledge of the Koleshwar plateau for a person who has never visited the plateau before. Anirudh slips and falls and hits his head hard. He gets into a coma and is taken to a hospital in Mumbai.
             During his coma, he experiences a dream in which he relives his past life of Irfan who has an uncanny resemblance to Anirudh in many ways. In this way he discovers about a treasure, stolen from the British con-man Wallace. There are some other moments of friendship with his friends Mario, Ajit and Rustom which are told about. Deepak Dalal also tells about Irfan's deteriorating relationship with his father.
             The things that I like about this book are that Deepak Dalal speaks of unity in the time of 'Each religion for themselves'. Mario, a Christian, Ajit, a Hindu, Rustom, a Parsee, And Irfan, a Muslim, are friends together. The book has more cons than pros sadly. The description of the situations is very lengthy. One tends to skip paragraphs and paragraphs of these descriptions. This book has some pages which were totally unnecessary. But still the idea of having a Desi Adventure is fresh and that's what makes the book readable.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Actions speak louder than words

Words express our feeling about surrounding but actions shows them. Words are only reflection of action. Words can lie and so aren't as trustworthy. We make promises without thinking and latter break them. 
Everyone can say whatever they want. We say we will do this and do that and be this and be that. But unless we actually go out and try to achieve it, what's the use ? Usually people evaluate a person, understand them, get to know them by their actions and not their words.
An example can be made of the politicians. When the elections are near and they are giving speeches on how they will help improve our nation. Their promises are just words. And they remain words. If they put their promises in action, then maybe the people will not always be trying to lynch them. Their actions speak for them.

Hence the proverb means that what someone does is more important than what he says.