Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Counter view - Modern Gadgets have simplified our lives

                                                          Electronics - Our Fatal Flaw
Electronics have many advantages but as many disadvantages. Electronic are not reliable. One small malfunction and you have to buy a whole new machine. When you go to a online store to buy something, we can't check if the product we are buying is what they say it is. We just have to believe what the manufacturers tell us. With online shopping there is much use of credit and debit cards. This leads to many problems as hackers can access our account and steal what they want. Ever heard of the washing machine and dryer ? Once a long time ago people used to have a job of washing clothes and drying them. Ever heard of the postman ? He used to deliver letters. It was a job. It would support his family. Now all you have to do is send a message on Whatsapp and its free ! The post men have lost their job. A rise in use of technology has given rise to unemployment.New types of mobile phones have launched. It has become a need to have the latest model of the mobile phone. Hence there is a rise in private expenditure which has led to inflation. Electronics may be a boon but it is also our condemnation.

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