Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Idea of Success

   So true are the words - success is not just about being and becoming. The idea of success is often mistaken for success is not just about what one attained but also about how he attained it. It is always the journey that matters and the path that inspires and a very large obstacle in your path is not a towering mountain but an even deeper trench. In this trench only criticism reverberates. They insult you. They make allegations ridden with falsehood. Here, you are surrounded only by the darkness of your own regret for having even started this journey. At this crucial juncture, you are quite likely to beat the retreat and all you could have been remains just an unfulfilled dream - a destiny forever lost.

   However, to succeed, it is such tedious trails, you have to take and walk out of the doom to see the day.
In this trench, your might lies in your will-power and power to endure...

   It does not make you wise to flee from those you fear, but to fight them not with haste and anger but with patience and persistence. With your actions you ought to crush every allegation. And with your actions only, you have to prove yourself!

   It is certain that the words they fling at you and the tries they make to pull you down would inflict immense pain and torture. It is certain that they will invoke anger and hatred. But it is upon you whether to retaliate hastily or give up, or to patiently continue your efforts to stand up to your aims and ends. It matters not whether you sit and sob for a brick they threw at you. It matters not even whether you pick up the brick and throw it back at them. What matters is whether you catch the brick, put it on the ground and start building banisters to get out of the trench!   


  1. Very well written. I admit it - U can make a essay out of any weird topic in the world !

  2. This essay was very inspiring and uplifting as I am going through a rough patch in my own life right now. Stumbling upon this essay has brightened my day and inspired me to continue on and strive for success.