Friday, 24 January 2014

For the Republic Day

Thou be the epitome of power I seek
Why just me,all-whether mighty or meek
Thou be the light to lift us from the dark
The gloom ignorance bestows.

Thou be the emblem that defines me
I pledge my loyalty as I surrender to Thee
Thou be my solitary master
Hail Thee for an eternity!

We all have trudged through tyranny
And have staunchly fought misery
To establish higher and higher than ever
Thy exalted and commanding glory.

I promise Thee, I shall further toil
To ward off every imbecile
Poverty, Ignorance, Hunger and Grief
That desires to bring you to turmoil.

Time doth play merciless tricks
Those tiring, dirty, callous gimmicks
To rise above them is my test
I shall not flee, I'll try my best.

My Flag, I salute Thee on Republic Day
May Thy spectre ever expand its sway
Down with those who intend to harm
And pull Thee back to the realm of the Dark.


  1. ArticulatePoem

  2. It's very touching.

  3. This poem was so magnificent. It brought tears to my eyes and was close to the heart. Excellent, keep writing such pieces of literature.