Saturday, 21 September 2013

Are we happier than our forefathers ?

There are virtues and flaws of both the ages. Some aspects of the life of our forefathers are inviting but then we look at our life and we long for this one too. 
We live in an age when men admire riches more than Honesty, and long for Money than the peace of mind. This age will never be happy till men pay more attention to the old values taught by our forefathers. True happiness is a state of the mind, and can be attained better in the cottage than in the king’s palace.
In our modern age, life is full of comforts and luxuries. We wonder how our forefathers lived without them. These are the blessings of science. We can travel in railways, ships, motor cars and airplanes. The old days of trouble and difficulties have come to an end. In every walk of life we have begun to use electricity. Medical science has done great service to man. Even the most serious diseases are cured very easily. When we are tired by the day’s hard work, radio and television provide us nice recreation. We have comfortable homes, fine schools, hospitals and many other amenities of life.

We people living in the modern times feel that the present century is the most glorious period of history and that we are far better than our ancestors in every respect. Undoubtedly man has progressed and modern civilization has advanced in scientific and other fields. Today we believe in liberty, equality and fraternity although we are still far away from this cherished goal. According to me there are more virtues to this modern life than vices and I think we are most definitely happy than out forefathers were.


  1. it could be no... because of pollution , lots of competitions going on,. we cannot enjoy the beauty of nature because of busy life..
    try to think other way round .

  2. So dumb essay I can write a better one than this sadial essay

  3. only a few tweaks are needed. overall its pretty good