Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Poem - Poverty

What a notorious idea - Truth!
What a devastating fact - Truth!
Is it just the devil's imagination,
Or a part of an evolution?
An evolution, that has been,
as we all have seen -

Poverty is that fact,
With which they have signed a pact,
And have embraced it as a mandate
That has been put down upon them by fate.
This imposition appears to be, as we all can see -

It is an epidemic for humanity
Ending it overnight, much beyond it's ability.
It aches me to say so,
for the poor ain't be my foe.
Then why should they have to lead,
a life with no memories to keep?
While I rejoice, my happiness -

Why for them a silent cry,
a muffled tear, a hopeless sigh?
Why for them a sleepless night,
Why not a single ray that bright
To make them hope they'd win the fight.
A fight that has ruined what they could've been
A fight so eternal.

If God is just,
I demand he must
End their misery,
The mockery their lives have been.
Let prosperity prevail
And the happiness ale
Reign for an eternity

Let the ecstasy that life is be unveiled... 

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