Wednesday, 29 April 2015


The World is not enough
for this free-willed child of yours;
He searches for what cannot be found here,
A  Loving Soul, A Warm Embrace.
He wanders about looking for Water
Alas, he knows not, only elixir can quench his thirst
In this realm, he looks for The One,
The One who sees with equal eyes,
The One who sees no difference between
a hero vanquished and a fallen sparrow.
He seeks a place where exists not hunger,
nor a single drop is shed,
where one does not kill to survive,
where there is no single ruler,
but everyone has their throne.
Your child is baffled by this paradoxical enigma-
If you created this world, why cannot he find you in it?
He is now beyond the world and the worldly,
He introspects and finds You Within.
He Says," Take me, take me, take me away
                 Take me to my home for I am lost

                 Take me to Paradise."


  1. Which genius wrote this masterpiece?!

  2. AMAZING WORK!! One of the best poems I have come across in contemporary times... It fills the heart with mellow that even in today's world, there exist thoughtful and ingenious authors such as this one..