Sunday, 22 June 2014

Indian Culture and tradition

 India has been home to an array of civilizations, languages, traditions and religions. Hence, it is quite a task to define the 'Indian culture', for the Indian culture has evolved over time to develop into a culmination of several traditions, ideas, languages, festivals and beliefs.
 Right from the primitive civilizations like the Indus valley civilization, to the Aryans, the Huns, the Turks, The Persians, the Afghans and the British have invaded India and flourished here making her a land of diversity - regional, religious and linguistic. This diversity has continually contributed to the Indian one of the richest and most diverse and multifarious cultures of the world. Moreover, the fact that India is the origin of four major religions of the world and that she is , even today, home to a large population of Muslims, Christians, and Jews is testimony to the conclusion that the Indian culture is a culture that has constantly undergone revolution and has always welcomed change.
 However, there also prevail certain evils claiming to be part of the Indian culture, thus, threatening to tarnish it's image. It needs to be understood that no culture ever promotes sinister tradition. Any such practice is a misinterpretation by man, that has to be put away. The Indian culture shows not a trace of conservativeness. On the contrary, history is witness to the statement, that it is quite liberal. Upholding true honor and beauty of our culture, it is the responsibility of us Indians to defeat all the obstacles that stand in the path of its development and fame.

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